Monday, September 26, 2011

how to make a better monday?

We are all hate Monday. Agree? I guess in my opinion is because we had fun in Sunday and we don't want Monday end it. As for me, i went to church with my family, friends or even myself, felt overwhelmed after the sermon and have a nice lunch or movie afterward. Sunday is always a relaxing day for me. But yesterday was a bad Sunday for me. But still, i have to wake up this morning and greet Monday, hey Moanday!

After i woke up at 9 am this morning, i prayed to God, to give my strength to face this day. And i got an insight to do something productive today, then i cooked. Yes, i cooked. A simple menu, but i'm so glad i made it, with less mistakes. Brother and mother said it tasteful, i thought it so. Then i felt i already made my day. No one will make me feel the way i don't, and when i feel success with this Mun Tahu (Mun Tofu), i knew i was so overwhelmed. I really am beyond happiness. Tomorrow i will try new menus, i know mom will always give me space, alone, to explore my self, and my cooking skills. I know that my parents will always support me, and the ones who love me will never really leave me. All i have to do is to serve them "my best food", myself.

the taste is really nice. nyumm.

I cried over the post. I'm not a good cook but i'm trying to cook. I'm not going to win MasterChef but i will make The Master smiles at me. You will smile at me too, dear.

I will share you the recipe, but tomorrow after one more menu. Hehe. So, keep an eye!

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ganjono said...

will always keep an eye of you :)