Thursday, September 22, 2011

IKEA stuffs upcoming

No, no, we aren't waiting for the real IKEA stuffs to come, but mom has decided to make some stuffs according to IKEA's. My home has been renovating for the last 3 months. Yep, one of the reason why i came back here is to help mom redecorate home. And thanks God, we've already celebrated it for 3 times with some relatives and neighbours. Our home is bigger than before now, i have my own bedroom (i used to share bedroom with brothers during my years here), new bathroom (to me, of course hihihi), a new garden, and so on.

Today, mom asked me to browse on our pictures in Singapore last year. I wanted to post this for almost a year ago, pardon me. Hehehe. We visited IKEA Singapore and pretty amazed with that store. Yeah, especially for us, me and mom whose interesting on stuffs like that. So, we wont waste time, mom took some pictures there and today i looked it agan and why don't i post it now? I bet you'll love IKEA too.

 one of the dream : walking closet!

 my dream kitchen :))

 one nice children room

 andddd, me! 

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