Sunday, January 4, 2009

full day

Last Saturday, me and my family went to Airmadidi to send our Christmas and New Year presents to my cousin, Rizky-Gheryl-Novert in Tembaga Pura. Their neighbor will bring it in January 16. After that, we decided to have lunch in Pongkor Restaurant, but, it was still closed, so we went to Sukur Jaya to have lunch - fyi, Sukur Jaya located in front of Pongkor hahahaha -.

We finished our lunch at 15.00pm. It's late for lunch, isn't it? hehe.. Then, mama called Bou Siregar to meet her in her house. Happy me, there are Olivia and Lisna in her house with their family. We, the teens decided to stay outdoor, mencari angin sore hahaha..We did a simple great games, named Cing Cara Cung. Funny and exciting one:) But, me and Lisna did a big mistakes hahaha..

Then, we went to Op.Matondang home, celebrated New Year together. Bought my martabak keju special-ohh, i loved that one, swear! hehehe.. Went home and got sleep. OMG, i'm so sleepy. Not just me, but the whole family. But, after the midnight, abang called me to talk about some important things before he went sleep again. He had gripes these days, well, get well soon ^^

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