Tuesday, January 20, 2009

kgab's bday

Yesterday was Kgab's 31th birthday. Actually I didn't have presents to give, and haven't got ideas what to give. Blank blank blank. Then, mama said to me, why don't we come to her crib, just to greet her? I agreed, and after my driving course, we went to her crib. But before that, we have lunched in Green Garden with Daling and bought some cakes to bring in Batavia Bakery.

We arrived there on 2pm. And guess what, the birthday girl wasn't at home hehe.. So we chilled out with Bou Liz while waiting for Kgab to come. She said, she watched a movie, Zumi Zola's movie called Kawin Laris, and i have no idea about that film, seriously =p

About an hour, then Kgab arrived home. We greet her, told her that we brought some cake for her, and we gossip-ed a lot after that until half of 6! Wow, we are trully the gossip girl, you don't have to buy those serries, cause seeing us is enough hahahaha.. So, we decided to went home, because Daling will be homed on 6.15, too.

At 7pm, Bang Olop picked me to Kgab's crib again to have another celebration with Dedy, Nando and Liston- the gokil trio in my church. Well, have a lot of fun with them, i enjoyed the moments especially the joker time a.k.a main kartu hahahaha..

It's getting late, so i got home with bang Olop, and got slept at 11pm. Whuah, such a full day, but a happy one. One again, Happy Birthday, Kgab - wish you all the best, ya! =)

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