Monday, June 27, 2011

7 things about you

Since i have nothing important to post (yeah, thesis owned my life lately) and today is my 7 months anniversary with boyfriend, i guess a post about him could be nice. Once again, i couldn't celebrate this anniversary with him. I was asking him to go to Jakarta last night, well, we'll see if it's gonna happen. Hehehe. Now i'll list 7 things in my room. Those are special, because they remind me of boyfriend. Some of them is his gift for me or even his own stuffs that he gave me and the others are my own stuff, but he took part of it.

1. Cars 2 tumbler

He bought me this tumbler when we went to Disney on Ice. I didn't really like Cars, in fact i haven't watch it. But, i have no idea what to buy cause the whole characters weren't my favorite. I like Simba from Lion King, but the souvenirs are bad. So, i chose this tumbler, an expensive one, Rp 100K. I really didn't mind if we bought nothing from that show, cause it was our first date in Jakarta. Hihihi. I want more!

2. Instax Mini

It was his Valentine gift for me, and the funny thing is, this camera came long long way before the valentine day itself. Hahaha. It came on early Februari, while i prepared myself to do my first research. I love this camera so much! I always restock its film in case it happen to capture many sweet moments in one time.

3. A bracelet

This lovely bracelet is his birthday gift for me. My unromantic boyfriend gave me one day before my birthday. I forgot his reason, but the way he gave it was so romantic (my own opinion, so don't ask me the detail. hahaha). I love my last birthday, boyfriend prepared it so well and i could say i feel like a lady in that night. Hehe. Thank you, boyfriend.

4.  Eeyore(s)

Hahaha. I'm blushing as i remember the first time he gave me an eeyore. No no, he started with two eeyores, not one for the very first time. Until now, he have given me 4 eeyores. Am i right boyfriend? I never get bored on having a new one, but too bad, my bed isn't big enough to put them all. This sleeping eeyore was his last eeyore for me, as our anniversary gift, 3 or 4 months ago. Hehehe.

5.  His jacket and shirts.

I love wearing people i love' stuffs. When i miss mom, i wear her shirt. And so i do when i miss dad and brother, or even friends. Especially when i feel alone, i'll wear their stuffs randomly hehehe. That's why i asked boyfriend to give me some of this shirts. Ah, i didn't ask him to give me this Brazil jacket. But, he gave me personally cause he won't wear it. Yup, see the color. Hahaha, i could't imagine how he'll look on this jacket. Hahaha.

6.  Philips earphone

I'm a picky one on earphone or headset thingy. My small ears could't easily fit to most earphone. Thats why i like headset better. But, boyfriend lend this Philips earphone for me and frankly it's fit in my ears. So, i put it on my ipod and they become great friends till now :)

7. GFF

Hahaha, maybe you'll think i'm weird to put my own card in this post. But, the fact is, boyfriend is a man behind this card. I never applied for GFF (Garuda Frequent Flyer) before. Since i moved to Jakarta, i found myself love to travel a lot. And it won't be a problem for me to travel by train, car or bus, and plane. Every year i fly to Manado, beside some others travel destination. To fly with Garuda Indonesia for me is just one of the option, not a must. But then, boyfriend persuaded me to apply, while he apply for himself too. Now, we both owned our GFF and have no travel program around this time soon. Hahaha.

* i used tilt shift from lemeleme cam to capture them all.


Cangkir Kertas said...

What a nice blog, like your wording..

G. Siahaan said...

thank u :)

Anonymous said...

Rawwwrrr.... :)

will always love omma..