Wednesday, June 15, 2011

first steak

I was in hometown a month ago and only visited boyfriend's crib twice. Hahaha, seriously. And to make it worse, i visited him with tears, oh so lame. We had problems at the moment, arguing our own opinions, no one win i guess, cause at the end, we took quite a long self-meditation to rethink about everything. Yah, it's not that easy to build a strong and health relationship with someone. You have to make him/her be your priority, not all the time of course, but in things that can lead you to a (big) fight. Things that they forbid you to do cause they hate it and maybe it annoys you sometime cause you think it was a normal thing. Then, you ought to control you ego, do your best to prove your love, so you wont fight with them. Ah, i learnt it later as a commitment. 


Anyway, boyfriend cook me a steak after i finished my long cry. It wasn't his first cook for me. He loves cooking, anyway, whilst i love eating. Hahaha, we both are. It was a big steak for me, we ate it together of course. I love the brocoli -cause we both like brocoli and the fries part. My favorite! Isn't it sweet when your boyfriend cook you something? Well, for me, it was one of the sweetest things he did on our relationship. You know the most annoying thing lately? He reveals all my bad habits during his visit in Jakarta. Argh! Wait for my 'sweet' revenge, boyfriend! Prepare yourself. Hohoho.

 Bon Appetit!

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