Friday, June 10, 2011

i'm free (for a while)

 Yeyy! I've just collected my thesis, a full version. It relieves me, it really is. Now i have many leisure time, doing nothing special until i get the result. Hopefully next week, so i can register my name and do some last revision. Uhh, so scary and happy at the same time. I passed the most epic days in my life. I spent more than 15 hours a day in front of my laptop, i bet Goldy (i named my laptop, like its color, gold) hate me as much as i hate her. I abused her to the max, so did my body. I only sleep for 3-5 hours a day. My body is craving for some massage and long sleep. Too bad i couldn't have a good massage this time soon, but for some hair spa, i'll do it. Yeyy. I also handed many films and sitcoms, so i have something to do (beside sleep of course) while waiting for the result. Thanks God!

Anyway, i tried to post from ipod yesterday. Too bad it didn't appear here, but most of the topic i've mentioned above. Yeah, thesis is it. I'll back tomorrow with more posts, if i wake up. Hahaha. I'll share you about things that made my days lately. I bet you've already know what it is after you saw the picture above :)

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