Tuesday, August 2, 2011


We Are The Champion by Queen as backsound.

me and my thesis

me and my supervisor

me, supervisor and one judge. 

Hahaha, i don't know how to reveal it with a good grammar, pardon my poor English skill, but all i wanna say is i'm official a Bachelor of Psychology. Yeah, it sounds better than Sarjana Psikologi in Indonesia. But it doesn't make me less happy. Cihuy! It also tells why i abandoned this blog for a month! A month without any single post. But now, i'm back, with some posts for tonight, which means i'm still alive, people. Hahaha. I gained weight, yeah same old stories, but don't you miss me grumble about it? *peace! I have managed time with a friend to start gym this Thursday. I hope i can make it, without any excuse. God, please guide me. Hihihi.

Anddd, my judicium was done last Friday. I got an A on my thesis defense. Super double happiness! One lecture has asking me to journalize my thesis. Maybe i'll do it, but let me ask my supervisor first. Anyway, with or without that journal, i'm beyond happiness with this new degree. I've done my best for these 4 years and i hope years ahead will treat me well. To be honest i don't have exact plan of what am i going to do after graduation. I pray for my future, but for now, i only want to go home. Maybe i'll take a master degree, or work. We'll see. Don't afraid bloggie, i'll spill the beans later. I just wanna share my happiness now. Lalalala :)

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Dewi Sutjiati Lestari said...

congrats, dear! happy for you!