Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Polly by UP shoes

This box came to my crib a week after thesis defense.

 the cute UP bird

the box

hello, Polly shoes!

This shoes basically wasn't my need cause i still have lots of shoes (i bet boyfriend will give me his thumbs for this statement. hihihi). But one day, i browsed on UP shoes by Diana Rikasari and found out this store sells wedges. Some of them got my attention but I ended on ordering Polly. It came after 10 days of waiting, they promised it wont be more than 14 days. Mom was in my crib when its arrived. She liked Polly, cute as she said. I wore it for the first time on judicium and it changed my whole look cause i was 9cms taller. Hahaha. One funny story on that day. I met some friends afterward to watch Harry Potter and they all commented on my new wedges. I'm much taller. Hihihi. You're so cute, Polly. As the designer post on the web, Polly loves cupcake too, just like me!

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