Tuesday, August 2, 2011

red velvet cupcake by minilovebites

This post was left on my draft for a month and it's about delicious cupcakes by minilovebites. I got their address from some accounts in twitter and it led me order 2 kind of cupcakes at the moment, Purple Choco and Red Velvet. With no doubt, my heart goes to the Red Velvets. Not as good as people may expect maybe, like cupcakes from abroad, but at least this cupcake was the best on town (in my opinion, do mind it, people). The color was good, the icing was great. I once posted a post about thing i hate in cupcake which is the icing part. But, minilovebites solved my problem, it wont let you lips full butter from the icing, or whatever it is. Don't forget their packaging too, it is a nice one. Ah ya, minilovebites served non-preservative cupcakes, so you'll have to finish it on 2 days after you got it home. Definitely will order the Red Velvet again. Hihihi.  

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