Monday, February 8, 2010

The most useful bday present

Due to I'm going back to J-city in a couple of days,I have to pack stuffs to bring with me. And, I got stuck in my lastest eeyore-s from bday. I have many of them,but I gotta choose some of them to bring,because mom isn't allow me to bring them all. *yeah,poor me huhuhu.. So, I chose 4 of them, a colorful ink-pen, handphone's chain -eeyore with baby face inside, a medium size doll - it came from Surabaya,thanks to Tita, and this one. Yup,a mouse pad from Thio-san. Arigato! So far,it'll useful more than others. I gotta bring them all with me, this time. Hope I could bring others too,but my room will be full with all eeyore stuffs ^^
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