Tuesday, February 9, 2010

photoshots by epenk

About two weeks ago, me and some friends went to our beloved school, Rex Mundi Senior High School, Manado. Yeah, kinda late post, but it's better than not at all. So, i wanna share you some of Epenk's shots there. He is a good photographer, in my opinion. Though he haven't enter any profesional course. Because of the bad weather that day we stayed at school about half hour and we crossed the road to Katedral afterward. A big Catholic church in a center of Manado city. I'm the one who'd request Epenk to take some shots there. I heart it since in elementary school. To be honest, i love Catholic traditions, many of them. Their building especially, like church. And as you can see, it's a big and beautiful church.  

Inya (my partner in crime since junior high school) and me

Inya, me, Echi, Mamon and Epenk (the photographer)

Angel and me in Katedral

Adhi, Echi, Inya, me, Angel, and Mamon in Katedral's front door.
Just guess the whole church's size.

Katedral look from my school

Of course there are many pictures in my facebook page, but i wont upload here all of them. FYI, some of them decided to go to Bandung this Lebaran to meet Epenk and have many photoshots there. Uhh, can't wait for more and more gorgeous pictures!

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thank u ana
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