Sunday, February 28, 2010

Minahasa Trip with lomo

On last holiday, i re-visited some objects on Minahasa with my family, minus Sintong. First we went to Danau Linow, do you ever know about it? Local people said it " Danau Tiga Warna " due to it has 3 colors. For me it's just because the sun effect with the lake's own color. Kinda expensive to enter the place, about Rp25000 for each person, but you'll be served with tea or coffee. It's my second visit and i remembered well on my first visit we don't have to pay before enter it. Hmmm, here's the Danau Linow.

Danau Linow's look with lomo

Then, we stopped by some Rumah Makan Terapung to have lunch and feed fishes there. I loved to feed fishes and also enjoyed them in another look, like Mujair Bakar Rica or Woku Belanga. Hmm, nyum nyum..( I didn't take picture with food, we're too starving to do that hahaha)

 my Huting on Rumah Makan Terapung

At last, we went to Bukit Kasih Kanonang. I forgot when was my last visit here. In high school? Btw, this place was worse now. Less visitors, uncaring local people (it's not about money oriented), bad management, yahh, what more can i explain? But i still can reach the top. And the highest top which i've never reach before, or it was my first time to see it? It was so relieve to be on the top, fresh air, free to shout everything, so peaceful place to have some prays there. 

stoped and enjoyed the view


 the view for the top

It was a nice Minahasa Trip above all. One thing i still remembered, how my gentle uncle hold my hand, like when i was a kid years ago, to make me feel safe and keep me away from slippery road (still land road) , and it really happened. And how i couldn't walk normally in two days because i was too exhausted. Poor me hehehe.. But sometimes, i'll go there again. I love my last Minahasa Trip :)

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