Tuesday, March 2, 2010

sisters late birthday celebration

 me and Kgab

I don't have any sister in real actually, but i do feel strong connection with this woman, which i called her Kgab. We're name started with the same letter, G. Our birthday's date is also close, so we used to hang out together in our birthday. My last birthday was a special birthday for me, because i became 20 years old. But her last birtday, on middle January wasn't a happy one. Yeah, some personnal reason, i wont reveal here. I did greet her and vice versa. I planned to ask her out in after her birthday but something bad happened in my relatives so momdad has to go to Jakarta and we out nowhere. Until my departure date is fixed.

the open lobby

welcome to the hotel
"gerobak abang2"

a strange chair

stupid us in a stupid photo 
in Novotel's logo

So, we decided to have dinner in her office, Novotel Hotel, Manado. It was a huge hotel, lux and clean one. I love being there, also how they all were being nice to me. Many of them weren't believe that we both are sister. Physically i'm taller and bigger than her. People could easily think that i'm older than her, seriously. My sister is an active one, while me, a bit passive. I'm not the one who always brave enough to break rules but she is. I love her so much and happy for being her sister. We talked a lot there. A lot! Many bad things, really really bad things (and bad men) happened in our life in the same time. Eventhough we haven't met for such a long time, we experienced the same things. I don't know what was God's plan for us, but thanked Him, i found Kgab and i could share her everything like what she did to me. Especially for our similar stories. Huff.. I wish life will treat her better this year and she can find her real soulmate really sooner. I love my sister :)

ps : find Chef Agus there for the best service ya hehehe..  

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