Sunday, March 14, 2010

long night in Kemang

What a night! I went out to watch The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus with my sister and her friends in Plaza Senayan (yup, again) around 7pm yesterday. We went to Kemang to meet their friends afterward. It's almost 10 pm actually, but i said yes to her, so, i join them. It was so crowded there, and it's my first time to go to Kemang. I once went to Blok M Square ( same way to Kemang). I heard about Kemang Food Festival and how popular it is as teen's usual hangout place. I read enough tweets from Indonesian teen artists (i just follow some of them, artists whose attract me with their attitude, not their problems hehe) so, i said why not i try to spend my long night there. 

A friend of my sister asked us to meet her in Casa, Kemang. This cafe is located in the 2nd floor of ak'sara Kemang (book store, closed in night). A small yet comfort one. Butttt, only one large room. There's no seperation in smooking and non-smooking room. The whole smoke in that cafe was irritate my eyes. My eyes couldn't endure it so, after half hour there and  i started to sleepy though i drink something fresh (it's 12pm already), I decided to walk around Kemang with Rain. I'm glad to meet Rain tonight. She's already got her Bachelor degree in Psychology (thank God i met her) and we shared many things there. We moved to dvd stores and met BCL and her hubby there. Chatting about many psychological movies. And how to start my proposal and what kind of topic should i take. Around 1 am we went back to Casa and continued our chit chat there, before we stopped by Dim Sum Festival and had some dimsum before we went home. I arrived at my sister's home around 4 am ( it's a current time, seriously) and sleepover at hers. What a night, isn't it? Long long night at Kemang. I enjoyed it, and will go there again, but not that late and won't go to Casa again. Ak'sara is more attractive for me. And Dim Sum Festival itself. 

 Casa Kemang at night. Last night i sat in a sofa, behind this yellow flower. 

As i recall, it's not the real Dim Sum Kemang but Radio Dalam's. 
But, this one was only the bright picture of it. hehehe. 
If you wanna know more, try to go there yourself.

I really wanna take some pictures, but it was so crowded there and i still don't know how to mute bb's camera. So, i asked Mr. Google for some pictures which are you could see above.  Dim Sum festifal was a cozy place, they played MJ's This Is It there, also a match, Arsenal vs Hull City, but i didn't know the winner. Their dimsum, emm, like ordinary ones. But i like their siomay sapi, i'd like to try ceker ayam, but i dislike ceker (appearantly). The worst thing there in my opinion was its toilet. I saw 2 men, in very strange pee poses there. How could i see them? Go there, and you'll know why! hahaha.. I like my long night, but not for next week, i am tired and still sleepy because i just slept for 4 hours. So, i gotta sleep again. Happy Sunday ppl!

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