Wednesday, March 24, 2010

cupcakes for a day

 me and Angel  in Cupcakes

Have you ever taste cupcake? I did for several times, and yesterday i tried one cupcake again with my best friend, Angel. She came on Monday night due to some university thingy (she's heading to Medan now). I picked her yesterday and be her tour guide in Jakarta. If you follow my twitter and also you are my university mates, please tolerate this kind of skip-class thing. Hehehe.. 

We started from Permata Hijau, at first she asked me to bring her to Mangga Dua (oh, my we are so shopping mania), but i refused. She'll be back to Jakarta next week and still have one more free week here, so why she had to shop now. Right? So, we moved to Permata Hijau to had Hoka2 Bento as our early lunch and eye-d in Ace Hardware afterward. She was craving for Hoka2 Bento, and look what we ordered. Laugh as you like, guys. Our meals are like kiddy meals (poor us). Then we stopped taxi to bring us to Central Park to have a nail art, but then we changed our mind and decided to turn back to Pondok Indah and go to Cilandak Town Square (Citos). Kinda long journey for us. We swept Citos and bought this scarf for us (include Herlin) and stopped by at Cupcakes in the 2nd floor. Cutie decoration, so girly, and we tasted two cupcakes there. Mm, i don't really like cupcake, not really like the er, what to say, cream topping (isn't it right?) though it's colorful. In conclude i don't really like sweet things, like candy and chocolate. So does Angel. Sorry sweet cupcakes, but we love your place. Took some pictures there before we ended our Citos tour in ak'sa ra and played Deal or No Deal in Timezone. 

 our kiddy meals



their cupcakes

Many things happened actually, but it will be a long post and you'll be not understand it well hehe.. One thing for sure i had a marvelous time with Angel, Marcel and Thio. Yesterday was really like a cupcake. Sweet as you could see. Although i don't like sweet things, it's still okay for me because it still has a cake below. A plain one, not too sweet, suit on my taste. For that one, i thanked God, like yesterday :)

ps : we missed our beloved friend, Herlin, who now lived in Bandung. we wanna meet up with her soon, but i don't think it will happen. i hope she could give any information about her life lately. still haven't get a clue why she keep away from us. huff..

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angelica said...

I have not read anna's blog. I really liked this part. thank you for the fraternal friendship ..