Thursday, March 18, 2010

i wish i were home (now)

 Sad yet wishful tittle. But, i really wanna come home. I came with 2 reasons,
  • today is my parents' 21th anniversary. i texted mom and dad this morning. i wanna call them, but they both were busy due to the celebration of it tonight. besides, i have 2 classes today until evening and also gym time (i do feel like dying today). i told my brothers to greet mamapapa too, i knew they did it well. just wait for mom's call tomorrow and i'll get the whole stories hehe.. i sent them 4 t-shirts, one for each of them. i hope they liked it and i know well they will :) that's what i love about my family. though i gave them a simple (but useful of course) present, they'll appreciate it well. yeah, besides i have a very humble mom and 3 men (i don't know how to say it in English, but i like to call them slebor and amburadul, they don't care what to wear or use, as long it's still has its function). they'll be okay with mine then ^^
  • my brother will have his UAN (national final examination) next Monday. i prayed for him everytime i felt worry. i prayed for him, to pass this exam and could get the best university. i was wondering what if he enter Trisakti? i'll be next to him everyday. i could help him to prepare everything related to his new life. mamapapa will visit us more often, because we live in the same city. or maybe the same kost (my kost is a twin kost, for man and woman). to be honest, i lost him these days. he spent almost all of his time in facebook. it's easier to find him there than by message in phone. sigh.. i hope you try to do your best in this last battle in high school, Sin. i know you can pass the exam with a great point. Semangat!
I love my family. They are the best. We are the best family.  

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