Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Alice in Wonderland makes me wonder

Is Alice in Wonderland one of Disney's? I grew up with Disney's movie like Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Pocahontas, Tarzan, Toy Story and so on, but i didn't think that Alice in Wonderland is one of them. Am i right? The only thing i know about Alice was she's just a girl, who'd enter the Wonderland, and she had a bunny friend. That's all. And yesterday, i discovered more than that.

 alice's look as i know

Alice in Wonderland movie

 the cast : see the Upin Ipin? i laughed a lot while watching their silly acts

First, Alice was one of Disney's tale. Second, Alice has many friends, a cat - i hate his appearance, a dormouse, a clown-man named Hatter, flowers, and twin boys. They reminds me to Upin Ipin, seriously silly twins hahaha.. Third, there is a conflict in Underland, between their two queens, Redqueen and Whitequeen. I don't know how to explain them both. One is strange and the other even more. Anne Hathaway was errr, looked strange in that movie. But, overall, it was a good movie. I laughed and confused in the same time, about 2 hours. 

I watched it with Arlene, in one of the newest mall from my home. A nearest one too, Season City in Jembatan Besi near to Jelambar. We reached it by bajaj (how near it is) and went straight to the cinema. A big and wide one, not like what i expected before. And the price is Rp15K each movie, all day in a week, include weekend and holiday. Quite reachable price, right? The cinema is also has a bar/cafe, complete yet still clean cinema overall. Anyway, i just give you their cinema's recommendation, not the whole mall. The other good point in that mall beside the XXI, was Carrefour. But other stores were, err, ordinary and not open yet. Soo, have a nice movie in a new cinema, guys!

outside the cinema

food section

the whole lobby

the cafe's entrance

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