Sunday, March 7, 2010

dates with pancakes

One word from me if you ask me to have lunch or dinner with pancake, NO WAY! I spent 2 lunchs and 1 dinner in this month in Pancious Pancake. One of the famous pancake restaurant in Jakarta as i knew. And a closest one, you could find it easily on 3rd floor Taman Anggrek Mall. The price? Mid up to (kinda) expensive. But i bet you'll enjoy the pancake, it tasted great. Then after 3 times had dinner and lunch there, i've already got their private card. Me and Thio actually had a competition, who'll get the card first? Yeah, you're right hehe.. 

Here's some pictures on my dates in Pancious Pancake :

Cliff, Thio, Lisa, me, Eby, Nata 
  • The first date was with my high school friends, because our beloved friend, Lisa (sit next to me) was coming from Singapore to spent a short Chinesse New Year break in Jakarta. It was the first time i think about having  its card.
 Arlene, me, Desi, Toeng

 our meals
  •  The second date was with my university friends. Me and Desi was treating Arlene and Toeng in order to our late birthday celebration. Due to i want to get it's card, we had lunch here and as you can see, we all had pastas, rather than had pancake hehehe.. But we still share Coco Pancious together.
Ing and me

the boys : Syl and Thio

my Tsukene Rice Burger 
  • And the third date was a double dates (jk). We just ate pancakes and pasta there, before we moved to Plaza Senayan and had MOS burger and its speciality, Rice Burger. I don't think it'll be one of my favourite burger, in fact it tasted plain and full with leeks. I hate it! Burger King and KFC's burger still taste the best for me. Nyummyyy :)
any compliments?
I'm full with pancake! 

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