Wednesday, March 31, 2010

today isn't April Mop

Hahaha, of course it's not yet. No one lie to me and i am happy now, though i still have one task to do before i can enjoy my very long weekend. Oh no, tomorrow i still have classes, and am considering to skip my last class for one good reason. I had great night yesterday, with my besties, Angel and Thio-san. Poor me, i didn't take many pictures, though Radja Ketjil in Sky Dining in Plaza Semanggi place where we had dinner last night) was a unique one. I'd like to go there again, gazing Jakarta at night from its central. So romantic, besides all smokers there. They ruined our dinner, so we couldn't eat outside and watch the sky view. But it was still nice to watch all Chinese unique ornaments inside the restaurant.

And now, after i finished two tasks before mid term exam, start next Tuesday, i enjoy my me time in front of laptop. Maybe i'll start to watch Glee. Hahaha, you'll say i am katro, due to i had all the cds but haven't have leisure time to watch it. Also many new movies in a box next to my bed. Sometimes it's more enjoyable for me to watch movie in the cinema, than in a laptop. I need a big screen and good stereo and also a comfy chair. Yeah, though it's not a clean one in the cinema hahaha. 

Lately i found out that tumblr is one of a cute toy to play after making many tasks. Cute pictures and good quotes are provided there. Will i make one? Mmm, let we see next month. Hehehe.. Ah ya, one good quote for today. I forgot where i saw it, but i wanna share it you all.

Only one thing makes a dream impossible :
the fear of failure

So true!

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