Tuesday, April 13, 2010

marvelous weekend

Hai bloggie..
I miss you so much *smoochs. I have no time for the last 2 weeks, even just to open laptop. I only online by blackberry, keep updating by twitter and bbm. I miss you. I have many good stories to share. Anyway, the main reason why i kept away from you is because i am having my mid term exams these days, and it has finished for this week so, i have chance to meet you. Saying i am fine and April treated me well until today.

Last Easter (Thursday to Sunday) i went to Makassar with family. Not on our priority trip list at first, but i'm glad we took that chance, to enjoy our family time, just 5 of us. To a place we knew nothing about. It was my first time to explore this city, after experienced bad thing 3 years ago. So did mom and brothers. Dad once went there for office bussiness in 1995,  so i guess that's why he agreed to bring us there. He thought about our safety, thank you babeh, we love you. Poor us, we didn't attend any Easter service, me the only one who did it in Easter day right after i arrived in Jakarta. 

We went to some tourism spots there, like Bantimurung Waterfall, Losari Beach, Fort Rotterdam, Kayangan Island, and Trans Studio as the magnet of city's tourism. Also tasted the famous Nyuk Nyang (i might say best of all), Coto Makassar, Pisang Epe, and Pisang Ijo (me likey). We bought some saroongs as souvenir, sutra Bugis for mom, tshirts and some peanuts, named Kacang Disko to be gifted to my friends. It was so hot there, err, not because the sunlight, but, the atmosphere there. It doubles your will to take a bath, though you've already take once. Kind of wheather i couldn't stand for. But i knew that's because we lived nearby beach, but i bet it's none like Manado's wheather. Manado's wheather more acceptable for me as i lived there for more than 10 years. 

Well, the picture above consists of some spots i took there. Yup, the only 4D cinema i bet is in there, playing Spongebob Ride, the famous Losari Beach (Pantai Losari), Bantimurung and Fort Rotterdam (as known as tourism spots in Makassar), car with Makassar plat number - the one who brought us to explore this city, and Rumah Mode. Yup, the famous Factory Outlet in Bandung was open its branch in Makassar on Mall Panakukang. One of weird things i found out there, besides the whole street selling jewelry on Somba Opu street, lots of beggar in Losari, how simple Jusuf Kalla's house look like, and how people enjoying Pisang Epe while it made me sick just to smell it. Hahaha. That's Makassar and i thank God i've spent a marvelous weekend with family there :)

view from Daddy's room, yup Losari Beach, like our hotel's name

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Dewi Sutjiati Lestari said...

sepertinya liburan singkat mu sangat menyenangkan ya :D
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