Wednesday, April 14, 2010

first visit to the yellow campus

Guess it easily? Yup, i went to Universitas Indonesia as known as yellow campus, last weekend. First i went there by train. A bit confuse at first, where will we arrive, how could we know it is a right station, how long will it take to the Psychology Faculty and how can we find the way. Lucky me, i have Gebot, my junior high friend, who are now at UI, took International Relationship in FISIP UI. So, she texted me at night, and her sms-es were so helpful. I could find the way easily to Psychology, an easy one, before got lost afterward in Psychology Faculty, hahaha.. Because she knew nothing about Psychology but the canteens (yeah, i know what it means, Geb). 

I found out that my faculty's library in Tarumanagara is more modern that UI's. A fancy one, i could be proud of (seriously). One thing i might bold is i found many good advice to do my proposal there. See? I even bold it! hehe.. Spent about 3 hours there, before having an untasty Nasi Liwet and went home by bus. To make sure what it's like to be in bus for 3 hours, while train will make us arrive safely in about 1,5 hours. And i go for train! After that, had Es Pisang Ijo with Arlene and Toeng, as a reward for ourselves who'd brave enough to cross Jakarta's road to Depok and arrived back to Jakarta safely. Ahhh, i wanna go there again if i've had my proposal clear. I hope it could happen really sooner. Crossed fingers.

pictures above is in Station Kota and the train

a road right after you arrived at UI

Es Pisang Ijo

two Makassar girls

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