Monday, April 26, 2010

before i hit my bolster

I need to go to sleep soon, but there's something inside my head and i feel like wanna share it here. Hope you don't mind, bloggie (of course you wont, i knnow that for sure, hahaha).
  • my brother graduated from senior high school. yayyy! it was a good news for today, i was like nervous all the day, waiting for the result. and suprisingly, he got 9,75 in physics. how come, brother? i haven't seen you study that hard! hahahaha.. no offense, just a little observation, as a good sister. anyway, congrats to you. i was a bit mad with you actually, i hope you know that and will send your apology message tomorrow. i miss you terribly much and i wish i were home today and celebrate it. though you chose to celebrate it with your friends than family. huff, boy..
  • i was about going to Bandung this weekend. yah, last weekend was an unpleasant one for me, so i decided to ask daddy if i could go to Bandung. i promise i wont shop like crazy (as i always did in previous visits), i just need a refreshment. and Bandung will be great, always great i might admit. so, i'm going to ask daddy tomorrow, wish me luck bloggie, and tell him i will be save there and wont do something bad. i just wanna find a new air, beside this city never sleep, Jakarta.
  • i changed my twitter avatar and added some bios. at first, i only wrote eeyore lover there, then, i added it with sister of 2 silly brothers and wishing her lomo's result will satisfy her. yah, those words describe me well, right? i wish i could finish lomo's current roll so i could see the results. i hope it'll satisfy me. and about 2 silly brothers, i don't mind you sillyness, i miss you.. ahh, sounds so pathetic, huh? poor me, this pms (blame it) brought me to this gloomy-syndrome. yeah, that's why i need to escape a while from this hectic university world. though i am a lazy one.
Okay, i was just ignoring one resume, i wanna sleep now. i need a good quality one. another great day will meet me tomorrow. ah, hoping daddy will be in a good mood also. mom especially hahaha.. i miss them and wish them nice dreams. good night everyone :)

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