Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fort Rotterdam

I might add the title to be Fort Rotterdam and Mom. Why mom? Because she looked so happy when we visited this Dutch old fort in Makassar. Actually, mom was so cheerful on that day, on last Easter day. She kept smiling and cheering us to enjoy our last day although we all tired and felt terribly hot. We walked about 10 minutes from hotel and find this fort. A big one. I saw it twice in a television as a place to cook, Bara Pattirajawane and Farah Quinn did cook there. That's why i recognized this place. Were too crowded because there was a festival there. People wore vintage costumes, you could see it in my pictures below. 

After that we crossed the street and had some sight seeing in Pulau Kayangan (Kayangan Island). We used old boat to go there and vice versa but we did it in rush because my plane has already wait for me. So, we just spent half hour there before check-ed out and went to airport in hurry afterward. Yah, one of a bad habit that runs in this family. But, still God loved us, the plane was delay, how great it is, right? hahaha.. Many pictures there actually, but full with our faces there, i'm kinda afraid to put it all here, due to it all brothers' photos. Hihihi.. I guess this one is enough, you might googling it for further information. As i could conclude, Fort Rotterdam is one of a great fort in Indonesia (though it was my first experience on fort hahaha)

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