Tuesday, April 13, 2010

in the biggest indoor theme park

As the newest tourism spot in Makassar, Trans Studio indoor theme park became so famous nowadays. That's why me and my family went there, to experience ourselves how great Trans Studio is. And it was great i might admit. The whole decorations, 4 different themes, full of AC (yup, indoor theme park, the biggest in the world, once i read), many good spots to take pictures (sorry, it's my natural habit, hehehe), many games to be played though not as much as Dufan's and it's all only one chance. Once you bought the ticket, you can use it everytime you go there again and also it can be used to pay the tollroad. There's 2 kind of tickets, Rp100000 to play 10 games and Rp150000 to play all the games. 

Spent about 4 hours there, not play at all, but watched the show, Spongebob 4D, i loved it, never watched it before, so i was so excited at the time, like a kiddo hahaha, also watched their lamp-marching band with some Trans programs, had some rests, took pictures (mamapapa even printed theirs in Jelajah game! how romantic, hihi), bought some souvenirs (poor me, i bought nothing for myself, the shirt wasn't fit enough *sigh) and had Baskin Robins. A good day for us, especially to escape while from Makassar bad wheather and had a good time there with my beloved ones.

brothers in on their roller coaster, based on Harry Potter's story. 
Remember when Harry and Ron drove a car around London to go to Hogwarts?
See the picture below, you can see the Big Ben

i called it a sweet escape :)

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