Wednesday, April 28, 2010

into blitz life

 last escalator before the main lobby of Blitz Megaplex

Yesterday i tried the newest Blitz Megaplex cinema on Central Park, Jakarta. It was a huge cinema and a great one. As i recall it was the biggest Blitz Megaplex besides Paris Van Java-Bandung (i love the cinema, so cool, big yet lux one), Grand Indonesia (i hate the long escalator before it), Pacific Place (the most mall-look for their Blitz) and Mall of Indonesia (a bit look-alike with CP's). I tried to capture some spots in the cinema, but unlucky me, their management didn't allow me to do that. So, i just gave you one picture above, with Desilia-Dora-Yoan' backs (my friends) as the models. Hihihi..

We watched a Thailand comedy romantic movie called Bangkok Traffic (Love) Story. A dreamy movie, a girl fell in love with an unknown man (handsome absolutely) and the story goes. Two thumbs up for Thailand's actors and actresses. It's difficult to write their name, you might google it yourself then try to memorize it. I bet you can't do that for the whole casts, or even the main casts. Hahaha.. I took a picture with that movie poster. Just my foot actually hehehe.. 

I also made a Blitzcard for me for these reasonable reasons below  :
  1. i love their caramel popcorn so much. it is really watering my mouth. 
  2. their whole decorations in the cinema. i have to give all my thumbs to blitz, especially in Central Park.
  3. though i've never experienced their Velvet or Satin (i would dare someday with someone), i bet they're also great.
  4. never regret if you're late entering the studio. still many advs to be played and you wont miss the movie. (err, is it a reason? yah, i do think so, hehe)
  5. they play great movies that other's don't play, esp indie ones.
Yup, i am so much into Blitz-ing now. FYI, they also played 3 idiots here. I want to watch it again, but now i am eyeing to their Toy Story 3d. If i could have someone to accompany me, i miss the potato couples and a stupid green dragon. Hehehe..

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