Wednesday, April 14, 2010

sleepover at Angel's

Remember my friend, Angel? Who came from Manado last month and flew to Medan for some university bussiness. Yeah, she was still in Jakarta at time i was back from Makassar. I made up my mind to sleepover at hers in my way back, hahaha.. Then, i met her with two friends, Syl and Thio after had Easter service at night in HKBP Petojo. What a wonderful preach at the time, felt so blissful. I met them at Mc.Donalds - MTA around 8 p.m, a bit talk there, before we hold our own Mc.Flurry-ies in hands and walked to the next mall, Central Park. We had a late dinner at Kafe Betawi and ordered the famous Soto Betawi and Sate Ayam there.

Thio and Angel

 Kafe Betawi's ceiling. Lamp with pan.

 the menus

Soto Betawi plus rice

 Angel and Hoshi's breads

Syl and the shoes

Then we bought some Choky Sitohang's breads on his bakery named HOSHI Bread. Too late to have a window shopping, so we waited for taxi and went home. Me and Angel had a not so long curhat time, i was terribly sleepy (just came back from Makassar). So we slept and planned some things to be done on the next day. We had hair treatments and manicure-padicures on Citraland, before we off to Emporium Pluit to had our super duper late lunch on Nasi Campur Kenanga and had Quickly-ies (glek, i want it now!). Yup, you all knew what we want for sure, hahaha.. Some window shopping afterward before we went home, seperate home now. She had to pack her stuff to bring home on the next day, before something bad happen afterward (hahahaha, sorry Ngel), while me, went home to have my first exam on the next day. It wasn't our last meet actually, we met again in Lau's Kopitiam at night. It was a good day with her. And i hope Manado could treat me as well as Jakarta did it to Angel on this last visit. We want Quickly in Manado, right Ngel? ^^

 see how slim we are, silly mirror hahaha..

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angelica said...

yes na... ada foto kaki super langsing le... hihihi..