Sunday, March 7, 2010

Plaza Senayan is one of my good friend lately

I laughed myself when i wrote the tittle of this post. But seriously, Plaza Senayan has been nice to me at least three times on last week. It's more complete than MTA (my usual place to hang out) and had many branded stores. It's good to your eyes, guys hehehe.. One of my favourite is also there, Famous Amos cookies. I've already bought two kinds of it to be sent to Manado, as my brother's snack during his study time. My favourite was double chocolate cookies. And yesterday, before watching My Name is Khan (starring Sharukh Khan and Kajol), me and Loloy had an express lunch in KOI Teppanyaki while waiting for Ing to come and join us. 

 please don't mind these two waiters

 the chef was in action

my meal, served with rice and soup ( a super plain one, too) 

The way their chef cook were really entertaining us. Yeah, though i think the food was, err, plain (i used this word again hahaha). I tried their slice beef teppanyaki set and Loloy tried sirloin teppanyaki set. For me it's better to watch how they cooked it than eat it. Kinda easy to cook, you'll look more than karateka than a chef there hehe.. I am wondering now, am i sick? I tasted almost everything plain. I like something spicy which i don't get in such of resto like this. Huff.. I miss mom's cooking. It attracts me more than anything in here hehehe.. 

PS : i cried while watching My Name is Khan, especially on part when Kajol's son was died. Overall it was a great Indian movie. But i heart 3 idiots more. Bravo Bollywood!

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