Tuesday, February 23, 2010

photobooth-ing with sister

We got these photos in Apple Store, Senayan City on the last Valentine's day. Actually me and my sisters - one is in Debenhams on that time, also my brother in cinema (they all my cousins) was looking for a shirt in for me, but we entered this gadget store (next to Giordano if i'm not mistaken) and take a look for some Macbooks. I was once played with photobooth and asked her to take pictures with me. Then a man came to us, and ask us to take more pictures also offer to burn it into cd. They are promoting the newest Macbook and we got the chance to be one(s) on that promotion. So, why not?! 

 1 - the real effect from photobooth

2 - i mixed 4 effects

My sister is a sweety one. She didn't want to take any fool pictures (though i want it hahaha), so we still look cute in those photos, aren't we? Try yourself guys. I don't wanna buy one of it actually, it's not useful for me, who'd only use Word and PowePoint most in laptop hehehe.. But i do love other things for Apple. Yup, you can guess it easily. I heart Ipod, though i don't have one. Happy photobooth-ing :)

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