Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I'd like to write something about these photos, but i get sleepy now. So, pardon me let this blog unfinish but trust me i can finish it for this weekend. I will do. These photos was taken on February6, a day before my came back to Jakarta. I loved everyminutes i've spent in Puncak Manado Restaurant with Uda Lerry and family, Uda Welling and family, Opung Saragih-Purba, Bang Andre plus Bang Rudy. Well, here they are and what we did on that night. Miss ya:)

uda as our conductor

the family member

the cuties was starving for about an hour

we are family!

the best part of that party hahaha

my lovely family :)

A night before i went back to Jakarta, we had a dinner, a fancy one in Puncak Manado Restaurant. I didn't like the restaurant actually, but it was my beloved papah's choice and it meant a must! So, we called Uda Lerry, Uda Welling and Opung to join us. It was a lovely night and a hot one, well i'm the one who wore a long jacket and it was normal for me to felt it was hot that night. Well, i just loved the night, cannot say more than, I LOVE YOU ALL :)

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