Tuesday, February 24, 2009

normal (?)

I took Tes Inventory Kepribadian subject this semester with Ing, Yolan, Siska and Lin. It was Pengantar Psikodiagnostik sequel. And this subject was teaching by Ibu Debora Basaria, Psi. This is our second class had been teaching by her.

Well, my focus in this post not about Ibu Debora, my friend, the class atmosphere or what, but the test itself. Yeah, as we know that, someday, if i and my friends become a psychologist(s) - say Amen! -, one of our job is testing people. Whether as clinical test, intelligence test, and industrial test. But, before i can test people, first i have to learn about the tests of course. And Tes Inventory Kepribadian is one of the subject which is tought me about tests and how to score it.

Last week was my first time to have a personality test by Edward Personal Preference Schedule (EPPS), made by Edward of course hehehe.. It has 225 force choices item, means that i have to choose one of the choices which is more related to me (a or b). I have to fill all the number, cannot miss one of them, or more than 3 number because, the result won't valid and we couldn't interpret the result. And today, i got my score!

EPPS scored our needs, related to Henry Murray's needs theory. He listed 30 needs, but EPPS just scored 15 needs, which are :

1.Achievement -
2.Deference -
3.Order +
4.Exhibition 0
5.Autonomy +
6.Affiliation +
7.Intraception +
8.Succorance 0
9.Dominance 0/+
10.Abasement -
11.Nurturance 0
12.Change +
13.Endurance -
14.Heterosexuality 0
15.Aggression +

Look at symbols next to the needs list. I have no +++ or ---, i just have +, -, and 0 symbol. Of course you can get the connection, right? I am a normal girl. I have fulfilled almost my needs successfully. And it made me glad. But also, made me think. Am i that normal? I agreed for some needs, like dominance. I like to be a leader, i like to be the one, yeah, maybe because i am an elder daughter in my family. It made me need aggression too, to prove that i have dominance on others. But, in heterosexuality, i've got 0 point, means, i don't really like to hang out with boys and disable to built relationship with boys, but hey, i have a lot of boyfriends who are care for me, better than my boyfriend do hehehe..

Well, i don't really think about this test and its result actually. Just wanna muse it this time, before i get a new test next week and get a different way of scoring and interpret also. I believe that I am normal, and i am proud of being normal. Thanks God :)

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