Thursday, February 5, 2009

milk spa

Me and mom has just arrived home from Eastern Garden - Martha Tilaar Spa at Sam Ratulangi street, near from Immanuel Book Store and Bakmi Krendang. It was my first time to have spa. My mom choosed Milk Spa for both of us, and went to different rooms. The lady whose treaten me name Farah, if i'm not mistaken hehe..

Well, i enjoyed all the treatment but stim makes me breath uneasily. I also shy went she treated my whole body, the upper especially (breasts and stomach), whoah, thats why my mom choosed us to different room, to have a different treat by their ladies hahaha.. I loved bathtub time, with milk, a lot of milk, like a real lady, really. I like it, feeling a better body, because i'm so tired after worship last night in my home and last morning i went to hospital, saw Troy and accompany Angel until noon.

Here is the pictures i've taken there..

in front of Eastern Garden Spa

me and mom changed clothes

me in a mirror

mama have a ginger tea

me in Indonesia word-statue

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