Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love = Eeyore

Happy Valentine, bloggie :)

Today is my second Valentine in Jakarta. I remembered last year, it was Friday on Valentine. I didn't have any boyfriend to celebrate Valentine like the past years. So, me and Arlene went to Taman Anggrek Mall, Jakarta to celebrate Valentine just both of us. And, unexpectable, we met the gorgeous, Choky Sitohang. Such a lovely Valentine, isn't it? I loved it, too. I enjoyed when Kgab and Kak Beka got jealous on me hehehe..

last Valentine

Now, in Valentine Day 2009, i have no dating again, in a real meaning. I have a lot of friends to share today's happiness, but no date. It is not a big problem for me, cause I happy to be me, it is my way, and it is my Valentine. But, don't get it sentimentil cause i've already going nuts with someone, and he is EEYORE!!! I love him each more day. Take a minute to see this cutie pict, and you will realize how cute my man :)

some of my Eeyore

Well, he is my Valentine. Actually i have someone too, a human one. But, in this Valentine, i won't go with him because one big reason, a reasonable one. So, i will go to Mangga Dua, to go shopping with my girlfriends and maybe watch a movie too. That's my way to celebrate Valentine Day this year. Hope next year will be better, love!

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happy val's day Na..
o ia, qt le s mmbuat blog, hehe..
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