Thursday, January 21, 2010

After 5 years

I miss my junior high school! I miss it a lot, especially today, when I picked up my brother from his school,which is also mine years ago, I met my most cheerful and friendly teacher, Rini Utami. I felt guilty, because I haven't text her again. So happy to know she had reached her master on 2008-and I don't know about it. She had adopted a 9 month old baby girl. I forgot to ask her about her baby's name, but I bet her name will start from letter R,like her sons, Richie and Richard.

Oh, how I miss my high school time. Time when I grew up normally, without others intervention but family and friends. No need to pretend that I'm okay in every single day. No need to be someone's gf,because I know all of my friends accept me the way I am in all status. It all I miss now. They teached me to laugh like a kid,but to think mature like an adult. I am now! Gotta call them soon to spend some time. I miss my junior high school a lot!
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