Thursday, January 7, 2010

lomo gave birth

Finally i got my lomo's photos printed. But, unfortunately i lost (i guess) more than half of that photos. It all was broke. I cried inside suddenly, i thought i had treat this lomo right, so i could get best photos of it. Why? After i got home, i checked my lomo's manual book, but all i know it won't be disappear for its cliche. I've clicked on it so it must be on the cliche. But all i got is half empty cliche. Serious:(

Overall, i like some of my photos. Huting took it most. But, all of my friends photos (in my birthday, last month) were broke. Yeah, i hope this new roll will give me better photos. Come on, lomo. I beg you, i like to take pictures with you and produce great and memorable ones. I hope we could be a better partner in the next days.

Some shots :

 Sintong-1st brother

Darling-2nd brother

Mom and (half) Reinhart-cousin

Ruth, Reinhart and me

Weirdest photo of all

Me on my 20th birthday

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