Wednesday, January 27, 2010

old letters

some old letters

Old letters by old friends and relatives really really made my day today. I was cleaned my old stuffs in my room and found many old letters. Old greeting cards also, all Christmas card. How silly those letters. I laughed a lot with mom while read it. But i also thought about it, the memories, how could i get those letters, why they wrote words like that. How funny i was long time ago, when i called myself "gue" and the fact that i used less "gue" in Jakarta, though i lived there for 2 years. Hahahaha, isn't funny? Now i gotta remove many un-important letters and stuffs. I still kept my diaries, 4diaries in high school. I'll re-read it someday, i know i'll miss those moments, yeah, like now :) 

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