Sunday, January 31, 2010

I wear black suit but it doesn't mean that I'm gloomy

Today is January 31, 2010. Tomorrow will be February,but I felt I didn't do any good things in this month. No need to do a big one,but a simple yet good one. Nothing. I supposed to travel in Sulawesi,but in fact it's not happen until today. I planned myself to play tennis, yeah, I just ended days with jogging with momdad. Hey,it's a good news,right?hahaha..

Maybe for February I'll be better. We'll have guests in our home for a week. And it means, we'll have fun and visit some places all over this city. I hope so *crossing finger. Well, no need to wait until tomorrow. Because today after service, we'll go to Tomohon city. I bring lomo with me so I could finish its roll sooner. Yeah,though I'm in black suit,I felt glad today. Tomorrow will be better that now. God bless yaa:)

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