Wednesday, January 27, 2010

world of our own

I love WESTLIFE since elementary school. Emm, about 10 years ago. Sounds old, huh? But i still love them. Shane-Mark-Kian-Nicky-Bryan (old formation). They had colored my life, especially on junior high. Almost all my friends like them. I still remembered that my first walkman that daddy brought me was also include their first cassete. I also watched their concert in tv (RCTI if i'm not mistaken). Can't count how many magazines i have bought just to know their lastest info. I love them!

I went to Nav two days ago and did karaoke there with some relatives. First i thought no one will request any Westlife songs, butttt, Olive turned to be my hero because she request (not one) but 3 Westlife's songs. They are What Makes a Man, World of Our Own and Seasons in the Sun. I bet if you are a girl, you'll melt if you read WMM's lyric. So romatic and deep :) But the most lovely song on that day was WOO. I heard it almost everyday on Star World actually. Brother gave me its mp3 few weeks ago. I just love it. Here's the lyric. 

Westlife - World of Our Own Lyrics
You make me feel funny
When you come around
Yeah that's what I found out honey
What am I doing without you
You make me feel happy
When I leave you behind
It plays on my mind now honey
What am I doing without you
Took for granted everything we had
As if I'd find someone
Who's just like you

reff : We got a little world of our own
I'll tell you things that no one else knows
I let you in where no-one else goes
What am I doing without you
And all of the things I've been looking for
Have always been here outside of my door
And all of the time I'm looking for something new
What am I doing without you
Well I guess I'm ready
For settling down
And fooling around is over

And I swear that it's true
No buts or maybes
When I'm falling down
There's always someone who saves me
And girl it's you
Funny how life can be so surprising
I'm just realising what you do

Well it's feeling right now
So let's do it right now
Praying that some how
You will understand the way

It's feeling right now baby somehow
I won't let this slip away

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