Tuesday, November 3, 2009

antenna's current position

First, i gotta admit that i am not a TV person. It will make you easier to understand my words in this post hehehe. No, i won't write a heavy and long post, just as long as you have watched TV, you'll be understand. I have an 14" TV in my room. Most of the time i switch it off. The only reason was i don't have it's remote. Serious. It's not my TV, i got it from a man, when my dad had a bussiness with him. And i don't thing it's remote, because the only channel i remembered the programs and i liked it was only TransTV. Please trust me hehehe..

But, i changed my mind. About a month ago, i decided to search its remote. I've been searched actually, but not that hard. I even went to Mangga Dua Mall, just to looking for a remote, for a TV from nowhere brand, called EIKI. Please trust me again, that brand is truly exist in this TV world, and i just found one girl, who'd know the brand, and sold the remote! I was blessed to meet her and her small store. Tadaaa, it's work good on my tv!!

Today, i still not a tv person. But, i have remote on my hand, so i can change its channel. I even put it next to my bed, with handphone and AC remote, to make me easier to switch it off when i wanna sleep or to switch it on when i wake up, to watch gossip hehehe.. Yeah, Insert is my friend who accompany my shower and breakfast time. When i go home after class, i changed the channel. But, i got problem with that. I have to utak atik the antenna, before i got a bright look. Like a win-win solution. I can't watch all channel with bright look. So, i gotta make a priority of my daily tv programs. Like today.

 antenna's current position

Channels :
1. I don't know the channel's name, but it's bright.
2. Global TV : well, at least i knew if it's not Daniel on tv. (Yeah, not by his face but his voice hehehe)
3. Space Toon : if i were a kid, i'll sit in front of tv everysecond i can. It's brightttt and clearrrr!
4. TransTv : always as bright as i can say :p
5. The worst channel. It's blue screen! hahaha
6. O channel : yah, not bad
7. TPI : good.. good.. good
8. TVRI : a bit bright
9. Indosiar : hwuah, it's not bright, though i'm hoping it'll brighter in the afternoon huhuhu
10. SCTV : worse channel
11. RCTI : yeah, not as bad as SCTV hehe
12. ANTV : yah, like O channel. But i knew none program from this channel hehe
13. Trans7 : it doesn't make Tukul looks more handsome, but at least he's not "kabur" hehe. He's my best friend in sleeping time x)
14. Jak Tv : bright
15. Metro Tv : i even can named the politicians hehehe
16. TV One : so much bright

Sixteen programs, huff, enough for me actually. I'm just too lazy to utak atik the antenna, so, i back to my old habit, just watch the current channel, have no will to take a remote and change it hahaha.. Lazy me :p

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