Monday, November 9, 2009

milky strawberries

Hai, bloggie..
Though i'm still tired, i'd like to share you thing that made me happy yesterday, yayyy, i went to Bandung :) and one big one there was visiting strawberry field and had my own strawberries time there, picked it, eat it also hehe.. And now, i am enjoying them. At first, i have no idea how to enjoy them, well, i like strawberry, in juice especially. If you put more milk inside, i could drink more than 2 glasses! But, i have no juicer here, so, what will i do? Heyy, just buy Full Cream Susu Kental Manis by Frisian Flag, tadaaaa here's my milky strawberries :)

it tasted yummy, really!

i heart strawberries :)

ps : i still have many stories with Bandung, but i wont post it until Inna give me all the photos hehe.. So, wait for my next post ya..

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