Friday, November 20, 2009

two Fridays on a row

It's like a deja-vu  today. I spent today really (see it? i even bold it) like the previous Friday. I could mention what i did today, just like this :

06.15       : Woke up! (no snooze, hoorayyy!!)
06.30       : Took a bath, plus hair washed
07.00       : Dressed up
07.20       : Went to campus, then accompany D and A to print their tasks
07.45       : Ate nasi uduk
08.00       : Faal II class
09.30       : Leha leha time
10.00       : Psikometrika class (ohmy, mau gila di kelas ituuu)
12.00       : Finished the class ( thanks, God) then i could eye-ing hahaha
13.00       : Went to mall (Sency to MTA)
14.00       : Strolled the mall and had some shopping spree then ended it at daily store (Food Hall to Hero)
16.00       : Watched movie(s) -- no long queue for two times, one word, blessing! :)
!8.00        : Had dinner

A Christmas Carol 

See, so simple, huh? But, i do love my Friday :) Today i watched A Christmas Carol, another movie welcoming Christmas season. A nice one! I love Jim Carrey's annimation as Ebenezer Scrooge, two thumbs up! I recalled another Christmas movie, Polar Express, starring Robin Williams, how great that movie and especially its annimation. SO NATURAL :) I bet if i watched it on 3D, it will be more natural. Anddd, so touchy. I almost cry in one scene in his past when he remembered how he celebrated his Christmas on his childhood. Suddenly i miss my family to celebrate this Christmas with me. Though it still one month to go to Christmas, i do miss them. Can't wait to see them soon. Can i fast forward to Chirstmas, please??

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