Thursday, November 5, 2009

just quotes

Once again (after so many times i said "once again") i thought i, err.. dislike my current blog's background. I need it to be retouched again by Herlin really sooner * i really do crossing finger right now hihihihi.. But, let her do her best since i believe on her taste. I just realized that something happened with the hit counter. Well, i knew exactly that my blog's visitors are not that much! Really, but you can clearly see the total visitors now. Ow, ow, is it uncorrect now? Yeah, Herlin has just got her newest task to fix on my blog hehehe.. Maapkan diriku, kawan:p

Then, what will i post tonight? Hmm.. I am not in the good mood and good condition. I got my regularly sickness, hahaha, read my previous posts and you'll find it. The only key is, it's not about period, it's about my personal sickness. So, i am quite lazy to write a long post. I just wanna share you this quote. Do not think that hard to know the real meaning of this words. It's just simply meaningfull as you've passed it in your life.

I think I'm afraid to be happy because whenever I get too happy, something bad always happens.


Sufren The Mars-Mellow said...

kebanyakan nulis blog pake bhs inggrisnya nih.. coba bykin pake bhs indo.. siapa tau nanti lebih laku.. haha... mengapa mesti takut bahagia..?? dengan merasakan kebahagiaan kamu akan tau betapa tdk enaknya penderitaan...

Agina Manalu said...

anna maafkan aku yang tak sempat2.. dkat2 ini qt bikin neh, setelah hari rabu lah, ok2? maaf neh >_<..