Friday, November 27, 2009

new moon : November's mission completed

First, happy long weekend :)

Hey, i watched New Moon yesterday and i think it's better than Twilight. Maybe i could say some whys i told New Moon is better than Twilight, because :
1. Less Edward's scenes *grin.. I don't really like this so called cute vampire, yeah, in fact i dislike white man. I prefer color man (tan or brown), they "tasted" more man to me hahahaha..
2. Jacob cut his long hair, and how he transformed into wolf was so cool! He had a great body now, and cute smile *melting
3. More fighting scenes than the previous one. Eventhough the fighting scenes was only full with wolfs and vampires, yeah, it's better i thought.
In a conclusion, mmm, New Moon is better than Twilight, because they had more Jacob's scenes :)

some of his poses *ganteng makkk

By this, i had my November's mission completed. I bought SPICE magazine early this month, and read there that have to watch movie are 2012, A Christmas Carol and New Moon. I've already watched they all, yipppiee :) I am ready to face December now, face my final exam on December 7 then have a family holiday in Christmas, bday and New Year. But now, let me finish all unfinish tasks (i still have lots of them) in this long weekend, well actually just today, if i'm on good mood hehehe.. Have a nice dayy :)

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