Sunday, November 29, 2009

one month to go

Happy Sunday everyone..
Honestly i'm not in mood to write any story here, though i like to share it. Well, a long weekend is ended today, and it is closed by a big rain and gluduk2 hehe.. Mm, i'm still doing some of my homeworks actually (please trust me) and now, i am about thinking to skip the class tomorrow hahaha.. But, where will i go? I'm broke now :( And, i am a person who always believe that somehow miracles could happen on our last week before exam. Yeah, on the last class, sometimes our lectures give clues on how the exam will be. Or maybe they conclude every part of the subject. It happened, right? Many times in my experience. So, skip the class is not a good idea. What about cut my hair? Mm, i'd like to cut my hair, but, not this early, but, in December, in the middle of exam, as a refreshment (plus hair spa). Huh, i got stuck then. What to do ya? What guilty pleasure should i take as "kambing hitam" in my skip planning tomorrow? hahahaha..

Ah ya, i am happy today. Gorilla and Kingkong texted me Happy Sunday. How lovely :) We're about discussing our new year planning. But, let mamapapa choose ours. I know they will treat me well hehe.. Today is November 29, and i have many friends and relative who are celebrating their birthday today, Inya, Cia, Tika and my inanguda in Medan. Wishing you all the best! One month to go to mine hihihi.. Well, nites all, gotta off soon and continue my still unfinish homeworks x)

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