Tuesday, December 1, 2009

my month : December

Welcome, December :)
It's really a huge booster in my bored life lately. Yeah, i dated homework almost every night, beside playing twitter sometimes hahaha.. But, hey, in the mid of this month, it turns great, i believe. Holiday is waiting for me, so does you. Yes you! Everyone deserves holiday after a stressful month, err, year, maybe, like my experience. Life is tough, especially in this year for me. I'm just 19 years old, God. But, You did treat me that well, You helped me to grew up through this year. I promised to list things in 2009 here, but, maybe after i finish my final exam. You'll know why i said life is tough, butttt, i am tougher! *ga mau kalah hehehe..

Mmm, i'd like to do some things before i go to home this Christmas, like cut my hair, call it "buang sial" or whatever, i just want another look, besides this fringe is almost make me bad again haha. I want to look fresh on my day, so maybe i'll cut my hair in the next 2 weeks. Oya, i am waiting for 3 great stuff this months. Really great sutffs. I promised i'll show them here, especially the cutest one, hohohoho.. One clue, it shows you "jadul" picts, got it? It's happening now guys, but, i'm still waiting for their call before i pick up that one. The others will be sent by TIKI, one will be sent tomorrow! Yippiee.. I heart em'all :)

Oya, i found this cute picture. Actually i am searched for a Christmas picture, but i (still) got nothing cute, so i named this one cute, in my opinion.

If i lived in Harry Potter's life, one wish this Christmas, 
pleaseee let Dumbly arise from death, we miss him a lot.

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