Friday, December 18, 2009

got it!

One word for today : spontaneous! I woke up with a happy feeling, knowing that today will be a great day and all my wish today could happen. And it happened! Eventhough not the best ones. I texted Stallone at 13.00 and met him at campus before we off to Pakubuwono to pick my early birthday present from my daddy. Guess it? Yayy, i have my first lomo! Diana Mini exactly.

my Diana Mini :)

Meet lomo here. You'll fall with them. I called daddy about a month ago. I asked him my own birthday present. Yah, i rarely got presents on my birthday, seriously, so if i want something i just let them know than buy it for me. Last year they gave me birthday present actually, but for this year, i want this lomo, err, beside the other presents, may i daddy? hehe.. When i turned on tv today, on Metro TV, Choky Sitohang on Chat Club was talking with lomographers in Indonesia. So cute, can't resist its cuteness :)
lego Christmas Tree

After that, me and Stallone decided to stop by at Senayan City to had his late lunch and some window shopping. Buttt, it was so full and crowd there. We run to the cinema, checked for my Old Dog, unfortunately they just showed Sang Pemimpi (i've watched it already) and Avatar (well, i don't really like to watch it). We've only spent 20 minutes there, yeah, 20 minutes in Senayan City! It's a new record of mine, and his hehe.. Ah ya, checked also their Christmas Tree, made of lego, thousands lego. Also some lego displays. Cool!

We checked Old Dog again in Plaza Senayan, before i went home myself after dropped Stallone at MTA to have his phone's service. Before that, i went to saloon to have my nail art, buttt, felt so dissapointed. Yeah, they broke my nails, huahhh.. I wish i could fix it tomorrow, but maybe if i have more time guys. Now is my packing time. I've put lomo into its box and had it save in my suitcase. Can't wait until i take more pictures myself and print it hehe.. Have a nice long weekend fellas. God bless :)

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