Thursday, December 10, 2009

it's December when..

Actually i still have one exam for today, but i went home to rest my body and re-study, but i got lazy, so i turned on my laptop and am about writing some post today. Mm, maybe just one post, because i haven't get more teories to my newest label's post. Pardon, me hehe.. In this December, i'd like to share something. I found it from a blog that my lecture gave us, a cool one, prettysandyfeet, about a girl in Hollywood. The big thing is, she's on Team Jacob! Yayyy, just like me. So, i found many pictures of that (still) unlegal man, he's uhhhhh ^^

So, like one of her post, i'd like to list things it's December when..

... I checked calender more often

... and reschedule everything so i can finish it all on time (crossing finger)

... i added some Christmas songs in my phone

... plus singing out loud and emm, do some dance myself *blushing

... i bought some dresses myself,

... eye-ing my Christmas and birthday wish list,

... asked mamapapa and brothers to buy me something, eventhough not in my wish list hehe :p

... dreaming of chocolate cakes that i always get in Christmas time

... i arrange my outfit to go home

... my brothers tell me their stuff , yeah it means i have to buy them something hehe..

... oh, my lovely :)

I love Decemberrrr x)


fetri_arian said...

Don't forget your birthday too hahahhahhahaahah....

Sweet Caroline ^^ said...

i love december too na....^^