Thursday, December 31, 2009

welcoming 2010

I just planned to celebrate this New Year Eve with my family, except babeh. Mom and I cooked our favourite dishes and also bought some fireworks to be played tonight after church. While waiting to 00.00 am, here's me and my whole family wanna greet you all,

Wishing you all another great year.
May life treat us all better next year.
God bless us all :)

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Sufren The Mars-Mellow said...

hal2 yg sdh berlalu di 2009 dijadikan bhn pelajaran utk menapak ke masa depan yg lebih cemerlang....

semoga di tahun baru, melahirkan pribadi yg baru dan semangat baru serta harapan baru

happy new year 2010 utk Anna dan keluarga....