Sunday, December 20, 2009

Jelly bubble

Hai..I'm starting to post something from my bebeh again..yeah,have been failed so many times,I know,hoping this one will success hehe..

I went to watched Avatar with Arlene this afternoon.. I kinda like this movie beside its almost 3-hour-duration..While waiting for the show begin,I cut my hair on MayMay saloon and voila,I turned into socialite girl!hahaha.. The hair dresser cut my hair and made it trap model,haiyaa,so different haha.. But,no probs, I hope my mom and dad will like it:p Ahya,then we moved to Body and Soul,thanked God I found a nice blue dress for myself,to use in New Year or this Christmas..I love it:)

Then why I post it as "jelly bubble"? Because me and Arlene love jelly bubble drink so much. I love Quickly Taro,while Arlene love HipHop Choco. They both are great in our opinion. I wish Quickly will open soon in Manado. I wish. Well,happy Sunday then people. Wish I could have another great day tomorow ya. Bye:p

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