Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Chocolate Cake

Though i'm not a big fan of chocolate, i do love chocolate, cakes especially. I drink Cadburry also, and have to admit it is delicious hehe.. Due to some reasons, i have already thought about it for the last 2 weeks, i decided to bring a chocolate cake to my family. And, i chose Dapur Cokelat's cake. So, i went there today with Arlene after had our Sunday service on HKBP Petojo.

 our chocolates

I didn't bring my camera with me, so i have no picture there, beside it was a small shop, really full with chocolate (yaialah toko cokelat hahaha). They sold 3C-Chirstmas Chocolate Cake, with many figures and decorations. Looks so yummyyyy.. Oh my, if i could i'll buy them all, but, i am afraid, because i'll bring them on plane. So, i bought myself just a slice of Java Chocolate Cake and Arlene's bought a slice of Opera Cake. I also bought one mini tin, but i re-sell it to Arlene, because she loves it more than me hahaha.. Here's the mini tin's package.

 close- cute, ya?

 open- tadaaa, many tiny chocolates

You'll find it easily on Grenvile, Jakarta Barat. For the rest cakes i put them on fridge and will eat them as my dinner tonight hahaha.. I'll take my Opera Cake on the next days before leaving Jakarta. Ah ya, there are also many Makasar's restaurants and steak house there. Me and Arlene tasted one of them, called Relish - they sold Makasar's food, next to Dapur Cokelat. Many places to go there fellas, check it yourself :)

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Sweet Caroline ^^ said...

kayanya enak naa......lucu lagi tempatnyaa...^^